Blessings from the Ocean
Riding on a network of trust
Across oceans and borders 

Promptness is our motto  Thorough management
Delivering with trust

Focusing on freshness
Trading company that prides itself on being a fishmonger 

Through Food
Aiming to social contribution


We deliver fresh marine products from the world oceans quickly and with trust under our meticulous management.
We work day and night to contribute to food culture and creating a global network of marine products
from Sakai.
Our philosophy is to be a company that is connected by a round circle ( harmony ).
We also aim to be a company that is recognized by society.

The gift from ocean

Delicious all over the world



Península de Baja California

Ensenada, a Merry Fishery Nurtured by California's Cold Currents
Precisely Latin America


The bountiful ocean created by Mother Nature

Nutrition spared by Canada's great outdoors
pours into the Pacific Ocean.
Seeking fishing grounds on the northern edge of the Atlantic Ocean


Sea urchin, the world's largest fishing ground

4,000 km of vast coastline, from desert areas to Antarctica